UMBRA is an earthen totem grounding “The Shadow Self”. Reminding us that the eternal fight between light and shadow is actually only a beautiful dance.

This 3D-printed totem can be found in three different types of high temperature clay. The clay is subjected to a two part baking process. To preserve the sensory texture, we only glaze on the inside. This makes the totem watertight and boosts its structural integrity.


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  • Perfect as a centerpiece
  • Flower vase
  • Power element in altar
  • White 75: The high kaolin content and lack of other ingredients like iron is what makes this clay diffuse white. Adding to our pieces elegance and cleanness.
  • Yxing Clay: “Purple Sand '' is a type of clay that has been used in traditional Chinese pottery since the 16th century. The colors attained are shades of luscious red, to bordeaux and violets.
  • Gres de moutiers: Straight from the earth to our studio, unprocessed, this desert color clay has strong grounding properties.
  • White 75: 34 cm high, 18 cm diameter
  • Yxing Clay: 30 cm high, 16 cm diameter
  • Gres de moutiers: 30 cm high, 16 cm diameter
Weight:1.5 kg approx.