About Us

Welcome to Godot. Our design-and-build studio’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions combining computational design, digital manufacturing, and craftsmanship.

Our services also extend to consultancy, training and education.We have spent the last few years developing our own fabrication infrastructure; giving us the ability to create in our own facility, based in Bilbao.

Our role doesn’t stop at designing but is part of an interconnected process. From algorithmic modeling, material research to physical prototypes, we collaborate with our clients and community to materialize our joined vision, in a most efficient and sustainable way.

Our holistic approach to making allowed us to take part in creative collaborative projects shaping the future of making with a more interconnected approach to nature.



Architecture, Interior & product design

Computational Design

Digital Manufacturing

Ceramics 3D printing & Baking

Wood and Metalwork

Consulting, Training & Education

Our Team