Genome II


Genome II Is the second design for this collection of earthen Totems grounding “The Persona”. The voluptuous curves resemble our need to adapt, mirroring how we mold our persona in our daily lives.

This 3D-printed Totem can be found in three different types of high-temperature clay. The clay is subjected to a two-part baking process. To preserve the sensory texture, we only glaze on the inside. This makes the totem watertight and boosts its structural integrity.  


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  • Perfect as a centerpiece
  • Flower vase
  • Power element in altar
  • White 75: The high kaolin content and lack of other ingredients like iron is what makes this clay diffuse white. Adding to our pieces elegance and cleanness.
  • Yxing Clay: “Purple Sand '' is a type of clay that has been used in traditional Chinese pottery since the 16th century. The colors attained are shades of luscious red, to bordeaux and violets.
  • Gres de moutiers: Straight from the earth to our studio, unprocessed, this desert color clay has strong grounding properties.
  • White 75: 34 cm high, 18 cm diameter
  • Yxing Clay: 30 cm high, 16 cm diameter
  • Gres de moutiers: 30 cm high, 16 cm diameter
Weight:1.5 kg approx.