Hay una delgada linea....

There is a thin line…, tries to channel silenced whispers and provoke valid reflections through empathy, the corporeal and reciprocity… because the ordering principle of the world was never just a thin line that separates your world from mine. Different enclaves have been recorded on the migratory routes of the Western Mediterranean, from the first peninsular coastal points (Isla de Tarifa, Algeciras,….), anonymous cemeteries, and the work with the Humanitarian Maritime Rescue ship “Aita Marítimo, which carries out rescue tasks in the Mediterranean, up to some of the main transit points. These non-places have been mapped through sound, image, video and 2D/3D scanning and translated into digital modules that allowed us through the use of advanced computational tools to generate and materialize the final columns.

DATE  2021

STATUS  Completed

CLIENT Saray Pérez Castilla


Godot Studio


Saray Pérez Castilla


Godot Studio